More of a passion

Trinis LOVE food and I don't mean like the normal liking to eat to stay alive.  Our culture is centred around family, friends and food; we love the sight, smell and taste of good food. I even love the sounds of cooking. We are very lucky to have so many cuisines (Indian, Chinese, African, Spanish, French, Portuguese) influence us [...]


I wrote about M's eczema a last week and a friend brought a Polish home remedy [that her grandmother gave her] for us to try. I have to admit I was sceptical when I saw the bag of potato starch but I listened to her explanation and agreed to try it. Nothing to lose and everything to [...]

Money Matters

I think the best way to get The Kids to appreciate the value of money is for them to have some and to choose how to spend it. I don't mean 20p/50p but a larger sum which would give them the opportunity to buy something decent because they would be able to afford it.  If they only have [...]


I read this and my heart cried.  Our children should not have these concerns. Thousands and thousands of people [of all races and colours] fought and died in wars for freedom and here we are still condemning people for the colour of their skin. I'm a mixture of Indian and Chinese, my skin is brown.  When [...]


M's eczema is out of control.  Completely out of control.   He had a doctor's appointment a couple of days ago and the doctor gave him a script for antibiotics. To be honest I didn't expect that; there was no clear sign of infection and I thought a course of Betnovate would sort it out -  it always has [...]

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I don't know whether I should tell The Kids.  Would you? I usually talk to them about current events but I don't want them to be scared of going out or to be aware of so much craziness in the world.  (And it is craziness.  These people may talk about religion and even think they are [...]

I had to share!

Homeschooling with Chronic Illnesses   Ideas and experiences to help cope with chronic illnesses while homeschooling. via Homeschooling with Chronic Illnesses — Homeschooling2e

Changing pace

When we started our home education journey I did a lot of research, thought long and hard about The Kids and the way they learn and I came to the conclusion that Unschooling would be the best route for us.  And it was absolutely the right decision. It worked well.  They had a few classes each week and [...]

It’s just not fair!

We are very close to the end of a pretty stressful property transaction and I still feel like I'm underwater.  When we decided to move from the house to a flat it was supposed to make things easier for me and my wheelchair.  I never expected it to cost us so much and I don't mean just money. We found [...]