More of a passion

Trinis LOVE food and I don't mean like the normal liking to eat to stay alive.  Our culture is centred around family, friends and food; we love the sight, smell and taste of good food. I even love the sounds of cooking. We are very lucky to have so many cuisines (Indian, Chinese, African, Spanish, French, Portuguese) influence us… Continue reading More of a passion

Money Matters

I think the best way to get The Kids to appreciate the value of money is for them to have some and to choose how to spend it. I don't mean 20p/50p but a larger sum which would give them the opportunity to buy something decent because they would be able to afford it.  If they only have… Continue reading Money Matters


I read this and my heart cried.  Our children should not have these concerns. Thousands and thousands of people [of all races and colours] fought and died in wars for freedom and here we are still condemning people for the colour of their skin. I'm a mixture of Indian and Chinese, my skin is brown.  When… Continue reading Heartbreaking