Food for Thought

I’m very lucky that I have a brother-in-law who enjoys cooking and is a good cook (they’re not the same thing!) who has agreed to help me with preparing meals.

Each week I send him the recipes we would like to have and he sources, prepares and brings them over. This week we have traditional beef lasagne, butternut squash & sweet potato soup with dumplings and banana teabread.  This will last for the week and we also have extra portions for freezing.

So many disabled parents/people do not have someone like this- or do they?

Have you actually asked anyone to help in this way?

It is likely that someone would do it – you just need to ask. I was nervous before I asked and I was prepared to hear that he just didn’t have the time but I accepted that I would be no worse off and here we are getting freshly cooked, healthy food every week.

Our circumstances are a bit more complicated because we have multiple food allergies to cater for so we have our own recipes but if you do not have allergies/special food needs then asking a friend or neighbour to cook a bit extra of whatever they’re having really will not inconvenience them at all.

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