Here I Am

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while and [after spending what felt like hours trying to come up with a blog name that wasn’t already taken] I’m finally here writing the first post.

The kids are keen though I’m wondering if they really know what blogging involves-time will tell.

I have systemic lupus erythematosus and fibromyalgia.  A few years ago the medicine I was prescribed began to produce unbearable side effects so I had to stop taking them. My illness became uncontrolled and things got pretty bad so I had to retire. My health was worsening and I could no longer self-care.




Around the same time(ish) we discovered M’s allergies and asthma which added to the eczema that they both have.

On top of these health issues things were made worse by a discriminating school with no regard for safety or accessibility and a dishonest headteacher [can you tell I have residual anger?] so B and I decided to home educate The Kids.

This road has not been easy.

Educating The Kids at school would be an easier and simpler solution- but would it be the RIGHT solution?

We’ve had some great times and we’ve had times when I am stuck in bed (literally!) for weeks. It is  a challenging path but anything worth doing is worth doing well, or something like that.

1 thought on “Here I Am”

  1. This post has opened my eyes to what parents living with a disability endure. I knew it was difficult but I didn’t realise it was this hard. Thank you (again) for starting and sharing this blog. I hope a lot of people (whether going through a similar experience or not) make their way here.


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