After a lovely chat with a friend this afternoon I decided to finally get to one of the FutureLearn courses I’d signed up for-Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance.

Mindfulness is something that has interested me for some time now and I’ve been trying to practice meditation as well but I have no frame of reference so no idea how I’m doing!

Back to the course, the videos were interesting but the ‘discussion’ was a bit all over the place I thought. There were so many comments that in the end I decided to post my thoughts and just see what responses I got. One of the posts I submitted was about children already being mindful and parents usually looking at the ‘big picture’ and how this clash is likely the culprit of many disagreements.

Another subscriber took my post to mean that I was looking for advice and suggested that a greater understanding of the other person’s position may reduce the number and intensity of clashes. Ummm, you think?!

It is pretty well established that if you speak to kids on their level [and not patronisingly] they tend to give a more favourable response.  To be honest, the old adage ‘do unto others’ is a good standard to live by; it is baffling that so many people do not recognise that children are individuals to be respected (and not just there to be seen and not heard or follow orders).

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