* not for disabled parents

I just read an article about how being organised is good for us and why  it is important to teach our kids how to organise their lives.  The article went on to give some very handy tips on things parents can do to help their kids learn to be organised.  And it was irrelevant to disabled parents- other than making me feel bad about all the things I can’t do anymore.

Before I had to retire I was a very organised person.  I like things to have their place and then I can always find whatever I need. When the kids were babies they would tidy up with me and pretty soon they were able to tidy up independently (and put things in the right place).

So how did we get here?

I know exactly how we got here.  I got sick.

This is not unique to my family.  Not by a long shot.  The big question – how do we get back to being an organised family?

I’m pretty useless being stuck in bed most of the time and I have consciously stopped using the little energy I have for things like tidying up.  Why?  Because, to be honest, there are more important things like having fun with my children.

Disabled parents don’t have the luxury of being able to do both so we need to choose.

We do the best we can- which is all we can ask of anyone.

Don’t beat yourself up when you can’t tidy up or hoover or do the laundry. Yes, these are essential tasks and need to get done somehow but use the carers around you.  You may not have a formal carer but there are people around you who are willing to help. (It’s hard to swallow your pride I know… I still have trouble asking for help.)

So, my kids are semi-slobs these days but, every now and again, I see glimpses of the way their minds work and I can see organisation there.  And that’s enough for now.

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