The Aftermath

Things are certainly changing and we can only guess at what the future holds but we are still moving forward; we still have to pay our rent/mortgage and the utility companies are still going to send bills for us to pay.

What a depressing thought, right?  Everyone who voted for Brexit thought that it would make things better and in the long term it may very well do that but things are very unstable right now.

We’re ordinary folk, you and I, so how will Brexit change our lives?

Our medical staff will no longer have the protection of working hours limits and will likely be pushed into working too many hours to be safe.

Our disabled/vulnerable neighbours will no longer have the European Court of Human Rights to stand up for them. [We have seen the UK courts ignore human rights which is why cases went to the European court.]

Our European neighbours  may lose the right to live in the UK in the homes they have created within the communities their children have established friendships and go to school.

Our young people who were excited about the opportunities within the EU need to reconsider their options.

British expats who live within the EU may lose the rights they have and be forced to move back to the UK.

And our children will inherit the long term effects.

There are so many questions still to be answered:

– what will Scotland do?

– and Northern Ireland?

– when will we officially cease to be part of the EU?

– what effect will this have on travel and trade between us and the EU?

– what kind of country have we become that so many people are afraid of/hate immigrants?

– why does no one talk about the number of Brits who emigrate?

– or the value of all the immigrants in the UK and how much they contribute to the economy?

Question, questions… we need answers…..

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