Reposting: Freedom

Almost everywhere we look today migration is bandied about as a bad thing. Why?

We are by nature a curious folk and this curiosity has led to all the amazing things we now have in the world.  Migration brings new people, experiences, viewpoints, cultures, tastes, sounds, sights, smells, collaborations and discoveries.

How many of us love a good curry?  Or pizza?  Burger?  Crepes?  Falafel?  Bake and Buljol?

We may not like or agree with everyone in the world but the beauty of freedom is that if you do not like someone you can move yourself away and maintain your distance.

How many of those people shouting about immigrants being bad enjoy the benefits of those immigrants.  How many of our doctors and nurses are immigrants?  What about cleaners? Teachers? Teaching Assistants?  Carers?  Restaurant staff?  Hotel staff?  Builders? Office staff?

Just as so many people have chosen to come to this country many of our natives have chosen to emigrate and give the benefit of their skills to another nation.  We have collaborated with each other and great discoveries have been made. 

We are a world of innovators-from the person creating recipes in their kitchen to the person designing a space station we all contribute to the world. 

I could not reach so many of you without the internet being so easily accessible from my bed and this connectivity has eased my isolation immeasurably and no doubt saved my sanity.

So before you start spouting about wanting your country back take a minute to think about the shopkeeper who gives your child an extra sweet or the ice cream van driver who gave my daughter a free ice cream so she wouldn’t be left out or the carer who helps your granny to bathe.

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