It’s just not fair!

We are very close to the end of a pretty stressful property transaction and I still feel like I’m underwater.  When we decided to move from the house to a flat it was supposed to make things easier for me and my wheelchair.  I never expected it to cost us so much and I don’t mean just money.

We found a wheelchair accessible flat (no easy feat!!), signed the lease, booked the movers  and moved out the day before we were due to complete.  All good things, right?  It should have been but our buyer’s solicitor revealed a legal problem on their side a few weeks after the agreed date.

Now, I completely understand that unexpected things can happen and that the best thing is to just deal with them but the lack of communication from the other side really got on my nerves.  And unfortunately this was not an isolated event.

Pulling hair outThroughout this incredibly painful time my buyer’s solicitors were so frustrating as to make me use very bad language more than a few times; they rarely  responded to my solicitors or to the estate agent and this went on and on….


I wanted to pull my hair out – then pull their hair out!!!  And shake them and scream at them!

To make matters even worse the solicitors were so incompetent that something that could have been resolved within three weeks ended up taking three months!

So throughout this period we were left having to pay the rent for the flat we were living in and the mortgage for the house wMoney-Flying-Out-Of-A-Womans-Purse-Poster-Art-Printe were selling.  Rubbing salt in the wound is that we had to pay council tax for the flat we are living in and council tax for the empty house.

If we lived in any of the neighbouring boroughs we would not have to pay for the empty house but Greenwich is part of a pilot scheme where empty properties are not exempt.  Lucky us.

The most upsetting thing through all this is that if I were not in need of a wheelchair accessible flat we would not have had to sign a lease so early on and could have avoided much of the extra costs. [When 9/10 flats are not wheelchair accessible and you need the 1/10 you jump at the available 1 in fear of not finding another.]

Anyway, we finally exchanged contracts last week and I am not ashamed to say I am counting down the days until we complete!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s just not fair!”

    1. That’s still the plan. We’re hoping to have that completed by October but with the way things have gone this year I’m just hoping it all goes smoothly.


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