Changing pace

When we started our home education journey I did a lot of research, thought long and hard about The Kids and the way they learn and I came to the conclusion that Unschooling would be the best route for us.  And it was absolutely the right decision.


It worked well.  They had a few classes each week and we enjoyed day trips and workshops to suit their interests. We were enjoying a wonderfully varied ‘curriculum’ with lots of time for play and the world was our textbook. Then a lot of my care support was withdrawn and this happened…

I kept thinking that I would get better and figure out a plan in a few days…then weeks…..then months…

It is almost a year now so I have finally faced up to my failure [because that’s what it feels like] and, like any other creature, I must adapt to survive which also means adapting our educational plan.

This was not a quick realisation and felt very much like admitting defeat but if I kept my head buried in the sand any longer I would stop breathing.

This week we cosied up together and had some fun with worksheets.  Yes, I said “fun with worksheets”.


The Kids had not done any formal learning since they left school and I was unsure of how they would feel about these school-like lessons but, true to form, they just rolled with it; we were all left feeling quite satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow’s ‘lesson’.


P.S.  We were probably not at all like school given we were lying on a bed with drinks and snacks!



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