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I read this and my heart cried.  Our children should not have these concerns.

Thousands and thousands of people [of all races and colours] fought and died in wars for freedom and here we are still condemning people for the colour of their skin.

I’m a mixture of Indian and Chinese, my skin is brown.  When I was younger I encountered racism in London but I brushed it off as silly, ignorant kids and went on my way. I was lucky that my encounters did not escalate into anything truly serious.

Black/brown children in America have no choice; they cannot simply dismiss the ignorance and go on their way. If they say something they’re told not to talk back, if they keep quiet they’re told to answer the questions, if they are perceived to have the wrong facial expression they’re told to stop having ‘attitude’ and any of these could get them beaten handcuffed arrested killed.

Many of you might read this, thank God that you don’t live there and then wonder what relevance these events have to your life.

being silent


Think about it for a while.

I cannot imagine raising my children in a place like that- no one should have to raise their children in a place like that.

Isn’t this kind of victimisation what they’re fighting wars over?

Land of the free and brave?  Where?


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