I’m almost finished

blogging in bed

Over the past week I feel like I have been glued to my computer.  The new bank manager couldn’t find all the documents we submitted so that all needed to go again and it took longer than I expected. (I miss my old bank manager…)

Then came the venue booking for M’s 10th birthday party and all the back and forth that entails.

Next we had the mobile phone [upgrade] research and price comparisons.  I ‘talked’ with Vodafone, EE, BT and O2 – Vodafone won. [Their inclusive roaming data/calls/texts is v handy and especially well priced with my NHS discount.]

I wasn’t finished yet – I had to check into flights and car hire for a trip to see the house we’re buying.  Why is car hire so expensive?  And why are there so few automatic transmission vehicles available???  Eventually I signed up to Avis Preferred and used some Avios to get a price reduction so I am quite pleased with myself that return flights and car hire for four people for five days was less than £800.

I eventually finished all those things and moved on to helping M create the invitations for his party.  He had already designed it on paper and created a draft on Paint so today I helped him to create the final version on Powerpoint.  He was great at checking the little details (my basketballs weren’t quite right so I had to change them, the wording was altered slightly, etc) and then he approved it so we went to print.

Through all of this The Kids have been troopers.  They were incredibly patient while I said “I just need to finish this” for the umpteenth time.

It is challenging to juggle all of these things with 24hr parenting but throw in Lupus and Fibromyalgia and it gets a whole lot more difficult.  Getting fatigued so quickly and easily means that doing all these things takes me several times longer [than before I got sick].  The hand and wrist and neck pain and the difficulty concentrating made it a serious struggle.

In spite of the lack of attention from me The Kids managed themselves well and there were no tantrums. 

I am grateful for my blessings every day and The Kids are the greatest.   They are kind, patient, understanding and full of heart.

Of course The Kids get frustrated when they don’t have my attention, especially for long periods, but they also know that I am doing the best I can and we work as a team.  

We are also very aware that no matter how difficult things are for us we are so very lucky; there are others who are far less fortunate and no less deserving.






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