I never liked rollercoasters.


We’ve had a monster of a year.

We decided to sell our townhouse last summer and move to Ireland so we were on the lookout for the right house.  In December we saw the listing– it looked perfect!  We accepted an offer on our house with a view to selling quickly so that we could hopefully buy this perfect house.

We were nervous it was going to be snapped up but luckily it was still available when we got to Ireland in February and even luckier our offer was accepted. It must be fate, right?

Except that a mere four days later the Vendor changed her mind.Sad-Crying-


I cried and cried and cried. Then I cried some more. 


The house ticked all our boxes and that doesn’t happen often!

We moved on (we had to) and started looking again all the while going through the sale process for our townhouse.  We viewed house after house but they just didn’t compare to that Perfect one we lost. I was so disheartened.  Then a wonderful, Once-In-A-Lifetime house was listed for sale and I fell in love with it and we lost it to another buyer who had loads of cash.

I was heartbroken again. And I cried again.

Shortly after we got the news that our buyer had a legal problem with the sale of his property.  What was the problem? How long would it take to be resolved?  There was no clear answer.

I started wondering if moving to Ireland was right for us. I mean, things keep going wrong so was The Universe trying to tell me something?

I did a lot of meditative thinking – well, my version of meditative thinking – and decided that on balance the move was right for us. We just needed to keep searching for the right home.

Summer arrived and my buyer still hadn’t resolved the legal issue but we found another bungalow and agreed to buy it. It didn’t inspire me but it was a bungalow in a decent location and they’re hard to find. It would be ok, wouldn’t it?

I haven’t mentioned Brexit yet…. This is a Big One. The GBP-EUR rate plummeted and our budget was under pressure.

So now we have an ongoing problem with our sale because our buyer couldn’t sell his property, the FX rate was killing us and we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the legal papers for the bungalow we were buying.  All at the same time.

Then we got The Call.  A large bungalow on a large site on a great road was for sale.

My heart skipped a beat but I was afraid to get excited.  What if they agree to sell it then change their minds? What if we couldn’t afford it? What about the purchase we had already agreed? What if someone else gets it? What if, what if, what if…..

We asked for pictures and, of course, loved the look of it.  So, what now? Now we want this house!!!  This was The House.

This was tricky, we had to withdraw from the agreed purchase (so in hindsight it was good that the legal papers were so delayed) and then we had to agree a purchase price for The House and we [still] had to complete the sale of our townhouse.

Slowly but surely these things were done.  We agreed a purchase price (Hurrah!!) and the end was in sight with our sale. Things were finally coming together.

Maybe this is The House we are supposed to buy.

Maybe all those other things happened so that we would not rush into a mistake.

Maybe The Universe was guiding us in its own way to something better.

Our sale completed soon after that, we are finally going to view The House next week and I can breathe again.


3 thoughts on “I never liked rollercoasters.”

  1. The harder the journey, the sweeter the arrival…. Or something along those lines. I hope the worst is over. X


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