What’s your preference?

Small town living is very different to city living.

In a city you’re fairly anonymous – alone in a crowd.  We haven’t even moved to the town yet and everyone seems to know which house we’re buying.

There is good and bad with this. Good that it’s a cosy community that will hopefully be as welcoming as they seem to be excited that we are moving in but not-so-good that not much will stay private.

I had considered this before we made the decision to live in this town and on balance felt that the benefits far outweighed anything else. Would I still feel that way in a year?

B grew up in this town and his parents still live here so there are lots of people who actually know him.  He has close friends who had moved away to study/work but who have now returned to raise their families here.

This reassures me that we are making the right decision.  Why?

Our friends all grew up in this town and chose to return so that their children can grow up here.

The biggest test for a small town is people retention and this town passes with flying colours.



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