angry mumWhat do you do when you’ve no patience left?

I try, I really do, to be patient and understanding and considerate and respectful of The Kids.  But sometimes, not a lot, just sometimes, I have had enough!!

Tonight was one of those nights.

Granted we were all going to bed too late so we were all super tired but The Kids just wouldn’t quit.  I mean how many times must I remind you to brush your teeth or get into bed?!!

I felt like shouting. I didn’t.

I did snap a bit and then felt like the Worst Mum in the World.

Do you feel guilty when you snap at your little ones?

We are supposed to model how we would like them to be but every so often it gets to be too much and I crack a little. And then I feel like a heel.

There are so many parenting books and websites and blogs and they’re all giving advice on how to get kids to do this or that but in practice it boils down to the way we treat The Kids.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. 

This is my number one Golden Rule.

Just think about that for a minute.  If everyone did that what would the world be like?

I treat The Kids with respect and dignity, I listen to their opinions and respect their choices even though I may not always agree with them.  B and I actively involve The Kids in decisions that will affect the family and we discuss all angles.


So why can’t they just brush their teeth when I ask them?!


Deep breaths….

Inhale slowly…

Exhale slowly…..

I cannot tell you how many times deep, slow breathing has rescued me.  Sometimes I have to leave the room because I’m just so annoyed.  But all the while I am acutely aware that the way I handle my anger is likely going to be mimicked by The Kids [because that is what kids do].


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