Green does not look good on me

The Kids love going to the funfair. 

All the lights and games and cheap prizes thrill them.  Me not so much.  I look around and see so much money being wasted.

Then I remind myself to not be such a killjoy.

Funfairs are a great part of childhood where you get to experience stomach churning rides and silly games for a prize and you make wonderful memories.

The Kids love the Bungee Trampoline and I think would stay there all day given the opportunity.  But the Bumper Cars and the Basketball Hoops and the Waltzers spinning round and round draw them in and they walk through with the wonderful eagerness and excitement that belongs to children.

This year there is a Ferris Wheel.  I have always wanted to go on a Ferris Wheel and last night I did!  It was just so lovely [the operator was very obliging with slowing it down a little for me] and it felt amazing to be able to share a ride with The Kids.

I found myself longing to be able to join them on the Bumper Cars and Waltzers and felt envious of B and all the other adults who were able to share the thrill with their children; I wonder if the kids would remember that I was there at all when they’re older and reminiscing…




2 thoughts on “Green does not look good on me”

  1. The kids will certainly remember you were there. They are well aware they have the best mum in the world, as am I!


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