Decisions, decisions…

M said today that his dream place to live is the middle of the countryside.

We’re just about to buy a house in a small town by the sea so I naturally asked him about liking that…”that’s your dream place,” was his response.

When we started this journey I wanted a house a bit out of the town with lots of land around (because I knew that’s what The Kids would love) but B and one of our best friends [who both grew up in this town] convinced me that it would be best to live in town. They explained that when The Kids are teenagers they will be very glad to live closer to their friends and to all the activities. 

The Kids have both seen the house we’re buying and they both love it but we have friends who live in the middle of farmland and I saw the joy in them both when we were visiting. 

I keep wondering if we made the right choice.  Time will tell but  I am seriously hoping The Kids are going to love being in town.

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