The reality

The past week has been intense.  B’s mum had a scare which in turn scared all of us (none more so than B’s dad) and brought home the reality of aging parents.

I was particularly frustrated by the lack of communication from the medical staff. We are no longer in the days of ‘do whatever without talking to the patient’ and we are firmly at a point where the patients are supposed to be kept fully informed and consulted about their care.  It was certainly eye-opening to see the [very poor] level of doctor-patient interaction.

I have worked within the healthcare system both in the UK and Ireland and I am very sure this is not how a patient’s care is supposed to be managed.

We all understand that doctors have difficult jobs and work long shifts but the quality of patient care must be consistently high and that includes communicating with the patient and their family.

Perhaps that memo hasn’t reached here yet.





2 thoughts on “The reality”

  1. My thoughts on the awful communication is that doctors and nurses are so overworked, sparing some time for patients’ relatives and friends just isn’t high on their to-do list.


    1. I absolutely get that but the doctor that did talk to me seemed to not even know who his patient was and every doctor had a different theory so it made for a very scared and confused patient and family.


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