Disability & The UK

​I just read a blog post from Disability Now written by a young person about voting and political neglect and it got me thinking. 

I am unable to get to polling stations so I have a postal vote and I’m still waiting to get my voting papers for the Brexit referendum. I did get my postal vote for the election but, as mentioned in the Disability Now blog, there was no mention of disability from the politicians.   

Disabled people are ignored by the politicians and I think far too many people are unable to understand that being disabled does not mean being unable or unwilling to work.  There are many people with a physical disability who would gladly work but accessibility makes it near impossible and there are those who have chronic illnesses that have disabled them and as much as they want to work they are unable.  I get the impression that disabled people are considered a burden/drain on the system so the focus seems to be reducing that cost but accessibility and our rights are left behind.  

The social care injustices happening every day show us that budget is prioritised over human rights; each department  is concerned with their own budget and not the overall impact so the people that are actually in need are left in the gap.  We’ve got a minister for disabled people who has not shown any understanding of what it is like to be disabled so I cannot see how we can be represented properly. 

I’m a disabled parent – I became disabled when my children were very very young and my experience has been and continues to be that disabled people are not expected to be parents.  The accessibility issues while my children were at school was shocking and even more shocking was the total unwillingness to make adjustments. It was incredibly upsetting and I ended up in tears more times than I want to remember. 

When my son has a hospital appointment we can’t access patient transport because the patient isn’t disabled but there is no understanding that he can’t take himself to the hospital!!  Before I had my Motability car I was registered with Dial a Ride: getting a journey was hard enough but getting a journey with children was impossible.  

I always trusted the system.; I believed that we live in a country that respected human rights and that if you were in need you would be able to access support.  The longer I am unwell the more disillusioned I become. 

We’ve got elderly and disabled people forced to have microwave meals and sit in bed or a chair all day so when they get diabetes or ulcers or muscle wastage or anything else related to poor nutrition and exercise they access the NHS and the NHS patches them up and they’re back to the same routine.  How much less would the NHS have to do if these individuals were treated like human beings, given healthy food and helped to exercise?  How much better their quality of life and wellbeing?

Sadly social care budgets don’t care about NHS budgets and the NHS aren’t responsible for supporting people at home-it’s always someone else’s problem and we’re left in the middle. 

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