Glue trap

It is strange feeling to be so stuck- no matter how hard I try to escape it’s pointless; there is no escape.  The harder I try the more tired I become and the worse the pain becomes until I am so exhausted that I just want to lie down and die just so the pain will stop.

Glue trap mouse

Before you jump to conclusions let me reassure you that I am not suicidal.  Maybe borderline depressed but most definitely not suicidal.

Last July I wrote this post and it feels like nothing has changed. I could literally be back in July 2016.

I haven’t written here for a long time and not because I haven’t had anything to say but because I just haven’t had the energy. It sounds incredulous, doesn’t it?

Seriously, who doesn’t have enough energy to sit in bed and type a few words?  Is that even possible?

Take my word for it – I pray you never learn through experience.

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