It’s always interesting to hear what The Kids think; they have a lovely uncluttered view of the world and can offer clarity sometimes.  Since they were babies I’ve asked what they thought and listened for their responses.  I have to admit it was tricky understanding them when they were babies and I had to guess a lot but as they got older and learned to communicate it became much easier.

Nowadays they freely offer their opinions without prompting and I find such value in that communication.  It isn’t always what I want to hear but it is so important that they feel they can tell me anything- even when they think I won’t like it.

I wonder sometimes about parents who punish children for admitting to doing unpleasant things or volunteering opinions.

If a child is afraid of being punished why on earth would they ever want to be honest with you?  Would you punish an adult for the same thing?  Why does being a child mean you deserve to be punished?

If your child is afraid to tell you about the small things, what happens when they need your guidance with the big things?  Who will they turn to when they need to talk about drugs or sex or theft or anything else?

Do you really want an obedient child or a child who will stand firm with their own beliefs and are not easily swayed by others?

Accept their honest feedback and welcome it; the relationship between parent and child is a sacred one. Cherish it. Nurture it. Protect it.

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