We are a family of four dealing with chronic illness (SLE & Fibromyalgia) and disability, food [and other] allergies, home education, parenting and relationship drama. We enjoy being outdoors but because of our circumstances we are at home a lot.

M & L (The Kids) were born in London and are still home educated. They have very varied interests – taekwondo, basketball, photography, golf, horse riding, swimming, art, writing, theatre, movies, music, dance, science, Lego, woodworking, nature, football, rugby, Star Wars, Nerf… and chilling out on pyjama days. The Kids are VERY independent!!
B (The Hubby/Dad) is a 40something Irishman. He works full time and loves playing golf & basketball, watching football & rugby and BBQing. (We won’t mention how skilled he is at naps on the sofa!) B makes THE BEST mashed and roasted potatoes in the world and is super with a BBQ.
I am The Wife/Mum- a 40yo Trinidadian who is very frustrated at being stuck in bed. I miss the days when I used to roll around on the floor wrestling with the kids or playing tag in the garden and would give anything to be well. I started this blog so that I could share opinions, practical advice and experiences with others in similar situations. It is also great therapy.
Thanks for visiting our blog!

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