Back to School

We applied for a school place last summer for M and were waitlisted; we recently got The Call. There were certainly mixed emotions from all of us. I was excited and nervous; B was super-excited; L was very excited and M was resigned to accepting that attending school would be like his job and he… Continue reading Back to School

Life Lesson

The Kids started World Taekwondo mid-September 2017 and had a great time learning and competing: M loved sparring, L loved poomsae and they both did very well when they competed. It was fortuitous that we met the club at the annual South London Home Education Sports Day and we subsequently visited a class. We all… Continue reading Life Lesson

Do Disabled Parents Really Exist?

It sounds like a ridiculous question but I am serious. I have needed assistance with my mobility and 'activities of daily living' for many years - The Kids were very, very young (L was still in nappies!) but society does not seem to recognise disabled parents. A really clear sign that society still does not… Continue reading Do Disabled Parents Really Exist?