Forgotten? Maybe not.

There is no guidance available for disabled parents; we fall through all the cracks.  It's as though disabled people are supposed to live alone their whole lives and not have children. Try getting through an airport with wheelchair assistance - there are no allowances for having children with you.  One wheelchair assistant actually said [of my… Continue reading Forgotten? Maybe not.

Disability & The UK

​I just read a blog post from Disability Now written by a young person about voting and political neglect and it got me thinking.  I am unable to get to polling stations so I have a postal vote and I'm still waiting to get my voting papers for the Brexit referendum. I did get my postal vote for… Continue reading Disability & The UK

I never liked rollercoasters.

We’ve had a monster of a year. We decided to sell our townhouse last summer and move to Ireland so we were on the lookout for the right house.  In December we saw the listing– it looked perfect!  We accepted an offer on our house with a view to selling quickly so that we could… Continue reading I never liked rollercoasters.