I definitely do not have the answers!

Children assume parents have all the answers and know what we're doing when in truth we're stumbling along in the dark winging it.  We have no idea!  Having a baby exit your body or your spouse's does not prepare you for the psychological minefield that is to come. There is so much preparation for labour [...]


I used to be one of these 'trust the system' people believing that all the people entrusted to provide things like care, support and education had the experience, knowledge and desire to do the right thing.  As I came to need the system I realised that it is all a façade- there is no 'one [...]

International Women’s Day

Last night M and I were having dinner in my bedroom (I'm stuck at the moment) and I mentioned that it is International Women's Day; he asked if there is an International Men's Day and, if there is, when is it. "Every other day is International Men's Day" I got a confused look so went on to [...]

Disability & The UK

​I just read a blog post from Disability Now written by a young person about voting and political neglect and it got me thinking.  I am unable to get to polling stations so I have a postal vote and I'm still waiting to get my voting papers for the Brexit referendum. I did get my postal vote for [...]


I read this and my heart cried.  Our children should not have these concerns. Thousands and thousands of people [of all races and colours] fought and died in wars for freedom and here we are still condemning people for the colour of their skin. I'm a mixture of Indian and Chinese, my skin is brown.  When [...]

#Syria #Iran #Turkey #Iraq #Nice #Pakistan

I don't know whether I should tell The Kids.  Would you? I usually talk to them about current events but I don't want them to be scared of going out or to be aware of so much craziness in the world.  (And it is craziness.  These people may talk about religion and even think they are [...]

It’s just not fair!

We are very close to the end of a pretty stressful property transaction and I still feel like I'm underwater.  When we decided to move from the house to a flat it was supposed to make things easier for me and my wheelchair.  I never expected it to cost us so much and I don't mean just money. We found [...]


Almost everywhere we look today migration is bandied about as a bad thing. Why? We are by nature a curious folk and this curiosity has led to all the amazing things we now have in the world.  Migration brings new people, experiences, viewpoints, cultures, tastes, sounds, sights, smells, collaborations and discoveries. How many of us love a [...]


Ever get the feeling that everyone around you is surging ahead and you're left in their wake?  Disability is a tricky thing; the world is not as accommodating as people think and that realisation hits hard when you're the one on the outside looking in. When my children were old enough for school I was excited for them [...]

Journalists needed

"Journalism is the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the "news of the day" and that informs society to at least some degree. The word applies to the occupation (professional or not), the methods of gathering information, and the organising literary styles" Have you seen the television [...]