I had an epiphany this morning. Lying in bed completely flat and in that semi-awake state where you're awake but clinging to that last bit of sleep I realised that I was resting all wrong. I know it sounds ridiculous but for those of us with fatigue issues rest becomes a science.  For example, lying [...]

I definitely do not have the answers!

Children assume parents have all the answers and know what we're doing when in truth we're stumbling along in the dark winging it.  We have no idea!  Having a baby exit your body or your spouse's does not prepare you for the psychological minefield that is to come. There is so much preparation for labour [...]


Sometimes I wonder how much more I can take. I don't mean to sound defeatist or depressing but seriously sometimes I just want to scream at the world.   How much can a person take? I think about the times I used to make muffins and pancakes for breakfast every day or give The Kids piggy backs up [...]

Glue trap

It is strange feeling to be so stuck- no matter how hard I try to escape it's pointless; there is no escape.  The harder I try the more tired I become and the worse the pain becomes until I am so exhausted that I just want to lie down and die just so the pain will stop. Before [...]

Disability & The UK

​I just read a blog post from Disability Now written by a young person about voting and political neglect and it got me thinking.  I am unable to get to polling stations so I have a postal vote and I'm still waiting to get my voting papers for the Brexit referendum. I did get my postal vote for [...]

And the award goes to…

...Vodafone for the Worst Customer Service Ever. #VodafoneStinks  Since yesterday evening I have spent almost six hours online with Vodafone customer services. One chat was over four hours!! I'm not exaggerating... I have the chat transcripts.  I got the feeling they were trying to out-wait me so that I'd  give up. (I very much wanted [...]

We are all farmers of a sort

We're visiting friends at the moment, surrounded by beautiful farmland, and that got me thinking.  Whether you're a crop farmer or dairy a lot of what you get back is reliant on what you put in.  (I know there are lots of other things that influence farming but that's not where I'm going with this.) [...]

I never liked rollercoasters.

We’ve had a monster of a year. We decided to sell our townhouse last summer and move to Ireland so we were on the lookout for the right house.  In December we saw the listing– it looked perfect!  We accepted an offer on our house with a view to selling quickly so that we could [...]