Life Lesson

The Kids started World Taekwondo mid-September 2017 and had a great time learning and competing: M loved sparring, L loved poomsae and they both did very well when they competed. It was fortuitous that we met the club at the annual South London Home Education Sports Day and we subsequently visited a class. We all… Continue reading Life Lesson

Ever felt like screaming and crying at the same time?

Have you ever felt that you had so many thoughts whirling around in your head that you couldn't think straight? The last couple of days I have been wishing for Dumbledore's Pensieve.  It would be so handy to single out the thoughts and give each one individual attention.   (If you know where I can get… Continue reading Ever felt like screaming and crying at the same time?


M's eczema is out of control.  Completely out of control.   He had a doctor's appointment a couple of days ago and the doctor gave him a script for antibiotics. To be honest I didn't expect that; there was no clear sign of infection and I thought a course of Betnovate would sort it out -  it always has… Continue reading Quiet