I had to share!

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Changing pace

When we started our home education journey I did a lot of research, thought long and hard about The Kids and the way they learn and I came to the conclusion that Unschooling would be the best route for us.  And it was absolutely the right decision. It worked well.  They had a few classes each week and [...]

Bed of Roses

People have this idea that I am a Lady of Leisure. I have no job, someone else does all household chores and I even have someone cooking meals for me.  Wow! How the other half live, right? On the other hand you work all day then come home and have to tidy up, do the [...]

The right call?

After a busy couple of days I desperately needed to rest today. I understand this, B understands this and The Kids understand this. Here's the thing, understanding is not the same as accepting. You need to bear with me for this post. My little Princess likes to get what she wants (who doesn't?!) and she wanted to [...]

Changing perspectives

The Kids are quite mature for their age so I sometimes forget how young they are (7 & 9) until they remind me - loudly. Having a parent with a chronic illness is scary for a child.  To be honest it is scary for adults so we can only imagine how amplified a child's fear [...]


Ever get the feeling that everyone around you is surging ahead and you're left in their wake?  Disability is a tricky thing; the world is not as accommodating as people think and that realisation hits hard when you're the one on the outside looking in. When my children were old enough for school I was excited for them [...]

Journalists needed

"Journalism is the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the "news of the day" and that informs society to at least some degree. The word applies to the occupation (professional or not), the methods of gathering information, and the organising literary styles" Have you seen the television [...]

The Aftermath

Things are certainly changing and we can only guess at what the future holds but we are still moving forward; we still have to pay our rent/mortgage and the utility companies are still going to send bills for us to pay. What a depressing thought, right?  Everyone who voted for Brexit thought that it would make things better and [...]

‘Yes’ or ‘No’?

I just read an article on the appropriateness of 'age-appropriate' rulings. I like the article; it has the right balance of common sense and practicality and is easy to understand. As a disabled parent it is not so straightforward as being able to get up and get the ketchup. (You've got to read the article.) I [...]

Food for Thought

I'm very lucky that I have a brother-in-law who enjoys cooking and is a good cook (they're not the same thing!) who has agreed to help me with preparing meals. Each week I send him the recipes we would like to have and he sources, prepares and brings them over. This week we have traditional [...]